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a deep reset for the body, mind, & spirit

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Hi and welcome! I’m Lauren. I provide therapeutic full-body experiences that target your physical & energetic bodies in one single session. My goal is to provide you with a deep reset of the nervous system, ground you back into your body and create new pathways for your healing & evolution.

I believe:

  • Your body has an astounding & natural capacity to heal.
  • Your body holds the specific & innate knowledge of the medicine needed for your healing and return to homeostasis
  • Through a safe & supportive environment your body attunes to your higher intelligence and naturally support itself back into alignment.
  • Your body is intrinsically connected to your mental, emotional and spiritual fields, which requires a holistic approach to healing.

By listening to the natural & subtle rhythms of your body, I weave together different manual techniques incorporating soft touch & gentle movement, combined with potent energy medicine, to promote self-healing.



customized body work sessions utilizing manual therapy techniques including: craniosacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, visceral & myofacial release, facial reflexology, & ayurvedic body work.

first session: 75 min | $165

follow up: 60 min | $150


personalized energy healing sessions based on your own healing intention, utilizing Reiki, the energy of Universal Love, or 13th Octave LaHoChi Energy Healing, an ancient high frequency healing modality to activate your energy grid.

60 min | $135


combine body work & energy healing to receive the ultimate healing experience designed to reset & reboot your entire system into a state of transformative restoration.

60 min | $150

90 min | $175


“This was my first experience with Reiki. I was so relaxed and felt like I was on a cloud! I felt the tensions release in different areas of my body and saw physical shifts in how I was feeling immediately. I was also mentally rejuvenated and ready to go on with my day with a complete sense of embodiment. Lauren’s background as a manual therapist gives her an edge in this work as she has a deep understanding of the physical body and how it intertwines with the spiritual and energetic bodies. Her intuitive gifts also added another layer to the experience by helping me clear out old beliefs and steer me forward on my highest path.”

— O.D.

“The reiki session I received from Lauren made my week! The work that she did on me supported me in moving through some stuck energy. I felt extremely relaxed during the session and the next day I felt especially clear and aligned. The insights she shared at the end were spot on and very supportive in helping me understand more about myself and what I need at this time. A lovely experience!”

— S.P.

“Pure magic! I have received both intuitive bodywork and energy work from Lauren. She is somehow able to pinpoint areas of tension and imbalance, providing a deeply personalized session that addresses both my physical and energetic needs. Her skillful blend of modalities always leaves me feeling rejuvenated, balanced, and reconnected with myself. I highly recommend Lauren's services to anyone seeking holistic healing and a deeper connection to their body and spirit!”

— O.M.

about me

I am trained as a licensed massage therapist, specializing in manual & alternative therapies, as well as a certified reiki master, energy healer and intuitive guide. Since 2017, I have been offering my services in body work & the healing arts. I send my deepest gratitudes to the teachers & mentors who have guided me along this journey.


Associate of Occupational Studies in Massage Therapy - New York College of Health Professions

CranioSacral Therapy - The Upledger Institute International

SomatoEmotional Release - The Upledger Institute International

Visceral Manipulation I - The Barral Institute

Lymphatic Drainage I - The Chikly Health Institute

Pre- and post-natal Massage Therapy Certification - Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences

Facial Reflexology - Laura Norman Holistic Reflexology

Ayurvedic Marma Points & Shirodhara - NJ Massage


Reiki 1 with Luciana Naclerio

Reiki 2 with Erika Spring

Reiki Mastership with Sonia Karas

13th Octave LaHoChi with Jordan Catherine Pagán


Gift Experts Intuitive Development Program & Private Mentorship with Jessica Reid

Private Intuitive Mentorship Program with Carey Kaas

local events



Co-hosted by Lauren Schlansky & Liza Peterson

June 19th | 7:30 - 8:45pm | $50 exchange

Hosted at the Collective by JabFit in Chappaqua

Join us for a blissful evening combining the healing powers of yoga and reiki as we honor the summer solstice. The evening will include:

  • restorative yoga poses to release tension and promote deep relaxation
  • reiki energy healing to calm the body, mind, & spirit
  • a summer solstice ritual for inner alignment
  • gentle hands on bodywork & acupressure to help recharge and reset the nervous system

Treat yourself to a soothing and rejuvenating experience!

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Office located in downtown Pleasantville, NY. Address given upon booking.


In-home treatment offered. Please email me for booking & rates.